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Must Have Mondays - Things I Love: the Mac

The first computer our family had was a ZX Spectrum. Does anyone remember those? Apparently, it was in the UK what the Commodore 64 was here in the US. I still remember what it looked like - it was tiny and black, and had, like 16K of memory or something. You uploaded software temporarily off, get this, cassette tapes and printed on a small roll of silver heat sensitive paper. My sister and I learned to program in BASIC on it to do sophisticated things like print our name over and over again on the screen. My favorite game on it was Jetpak.

Our next family computer was a Mac (I think maybe it was a Macintosh II?) A headmaster family friend had a relationship with Apple through his school and urged us to get one, and I've never looked back - I've been a Mac girl ever since, purchasing my own Macintosh Classic II towards the end of my first year in college (so much better than going to the school labs!)

It's funny, I don't think anyone else in my family, either my parents or my sister, ever bought another Mac, quickly switching to PCs, but I've never been able to bring myself to, despite a brief dalliance with one towards the end of college so I could learn and work on AutoCAD and several jobs that have required me to work on one. However, the job I worked at the longest as an architect was Mac based, which is unusual, and working on a PC after that was especially hard!

Around the time I started that job, I bought a Power Macintosh G4 and a few years later I fulfilled my dream of having a laptop, buying myself an iBook and my first Wi-Fi. By the time I left that job after seven years, I had a PowerBook for work that I have to say I was quite sad to give up. When Keith and I got married the next year he bought me my own MacBook Pro as an extremely awesome birthday/wedding gift (my birthday was the week before we got married) even though he himself has never actually owned a Mac or any kind of Steve Jobs device. Yes, that's right, we are a Mac/PC, iPhone/Blackberry household. I don't hold it against him, especially as he also bought me my first iphone too... he knows what I love!

Finally, just recently, I took the plunge for my business and purchased a super duper really amazing Mac Pro... yes, after years of being on a laptop, I'm back on a desktop, just because, from a business perspective, the processing power and expandability cannot be beat. It was a long overdue investment that has made a big difference to my business profitability and my life, and I still use my laptop at night when I'm on the couch and it still works great for doing pretty much anything except editing photos. I also use it for client ordering sessions at their homes.

What do I love about the Mac? I'm not big into the Mac vs. PC debate - as I said, I've worked on both, but I just like the Mac better. I'm happy to chalk it up to personal preference but I feel the design, the interface and the experience just can't be beat. Yes, Windows became a lot prettier, especially over the years when I never touched it (the one PC I owned actually was DOS based - remember the c:/ prompt?!) but it became prettier by becoming more Mac like... and it's just not the same.

I love you Mac!

nyc baby, child and family photographer & architect alethea cheng fitzpatrick is based in brooklyn. she specializes in baby photography as interior design & interior design for babies. view her portfolio of babies, children or families or send her an e-mail here!

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