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Must Have Mondays - Things I Love: facebook

I know that facebook is evil and violating our privacy and stealing our information. I know. And yes, we all get in a tizzy like we did last week when they mess around with our settings and how things look and they try to tell us what will be most interesting to us.

But I love it all the same.

I first became active on facebook when Liam was about six weeks old, mostly at the insistence of some friends, and I haven't looked back! I wish I'd been on facebook before Liam was born actually.

For me, facebook isn't just about connecting with friends, it's also become part of my documentation of life with Liam, not just through photos but through the little posts I like to write about things he's been doing or saying, most of which I would otherwise forget.

It's both these aspects that make me love facebook - without the interaction from friends from around the world and different parts of my life, I wouldn't have the incentive to record the things I do. And every comment and every like really does mean something to me, whether it's from a close friend, a past co-worker, a former classmate, a family member, a fellow business owner, a client or a workshop participant.

I love a random comment from someone I know I probably would have lost touch with otherwise, as well as the interactions from the people I'm closest to. It add up to the feeling of an incredible support network - and even friends who never comment or post themselves have told me they love the Liam updates and I love that they feel connected to him as a result. No, facebook isn't a social life, but it sure is a great supplement to one!

I post a lot, and it's not for everyone. I know and respect that. But it's been great for me.

I love you facebook!

(And yes, I know facebook is about to change big time... I haven't signed up early, I think I'm going to wait but I'll let you know how I like it then!)

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