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Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 8:22AM
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(This blog post is part of the Glimpses 52 project over at the Chic Critique Forum.)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am rather partial to chocolate. Liam has apparently inherited this preference from me, whether genetically or by osmosis or both, who knows.

In fact, he recently informed me: "Mama, lemonade doesn't have chocolate, so it's not a treat" meaning "I will only accept bribes that contain chocolate."

Now, I happen to also be rather partial to lemonade but I can't really fault his philosophy!

Friday was a very special day. Liam and I had our first adventure into the city in almost two years (I was pregnant last year and didn't want to risk being stranded on the subway due to a broken elevator and having to carry him up or down the stairs).

We went to the New York City Fire Museum first, then headed to Moomah Cafe for lunch and a special treat - Three Twins Bittersweet Chocolate Ice cream.

Fortunately for Liam, I was so busy taking photos of him eating it that I didn't have time for more than a few bites myself.

Definitely delish though and I would say that Liam was one happy customer!

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