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Monday, June 25, 2012 at 11:21PM
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(This blog post is part of the Glimpses 52 project over at the Chic Critique Forum.)

Sometimes photographing your own kids is easier than photographing someone else's... and sometimes it isn't. Trying to corale a rambunctious three year old with his six month old baby brother to capture both of them smiling sweetly and looking at the camera definitely falls under the category of "isn't"!

Last Friday, a last minute sitter cancellation and 98F weather meant I was unexpectedly at home in the morning with the two boys. Liam wanted to hold Jack, which I have become increasingly more comfortable with as Jack becomes more robust and self-supporting, so I thought, hey, why not try for that quintessential sibling portrait?

To be honest, my efforts have been somewhat weak in this area to date, Friday being my first semi-serious attempt at a more "formal" portrait of the two of them together, and, well, it was total chaos! Hilarious chaos, but basically, it was a complete disaster. Liam would barely cooperate and when he did, Jack wouldn't.

But then I captured this photo and it was all worth it. It wasn't what I had in mind, it wasn't the quintessential sibling portrait... but it's even better! To me, this photo captures their personalities, the reality of parenting a toddler and a baby, and what was going on at the time. It's cute, it's real, and as a mom, I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome and it's now the cover photo for my personal facebook profile!

Plus the "outtakes" from the session are hilarious and PURE GOLD! I will definitely be using them as material for The Photosanity Workshop!

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