Smiles from Jack | Glimpses Week 22
Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 10:16PM
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(This blog post is part of the Glimpses 52 project over at the Chic Critique Forum.)

Jack is five months old. Actually he's almost six months old but let's just say he's five months old because the time is starting to pass so quickly!

Things are definitely getting so much easier than those first few newborn months. In fact, although every age is the perfect age in some way, this age might just be the most perfect perfect age. Pay Jack just a little bit of attention and he will reward you with lovely smiles that make you feel like you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Put just a little bit more effort into it and he will giggle and laugh like you are the most hilarious thing in the world. He barely cries these days (I think Liam cries more) and he's not yet crawling or getting into things or having tantrums.

Jack, you are amazing. Thank your for brightening my days with your own special brand of sunshine and joy! You are delicious and adorable!

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