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And so we begin

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It's funny, a blog now seems to be a pre-requisite for a business, especially a small business. Everyone is doing it.  Even educated fleas do it!

And now, I'm doing it.

Google loves blogs, I'm told. Well, here's the thing - I love blogs too! I love to tell stories, I love to "publish".  I always have, from the little magazines I created when I was a child, to the articles I wrote for various publications in high school, college and beyond, to the spaces I helped to create as an architect, and the photographs I've taken my whole life.

So yes, I'm interested in search engine optimization. And yes I'm interested in promoting my business - showing my work and talking about services, products and specials. And yes I am very much interested in connecting with potential clients - letting you get to know me and my work over time. I also want to provide helpful information to current and ongoing clients - ideas for sessions, tips on preparing, and suggestions on how to select prints and products and share your photos.  And I am interested in hearing back from clients and potential clients - what are you looking for, what are your needs, concerns and challenges? I am very very interested in all of these things.

But I'm also interested in talking about photography, and kids, and life in general. I had my first baby back in February and I have so much to say about it! I know that as a new mom, anyone who has been doing it just a little bit longer than you is an expert, and I was so grateful for all the help and advice and support I received. Hopefully, I can also provide helpful information for anyone who has been doing it a little less long than I have, as well as hear from anyone with kids in their life - about working with professional photographers in general, about photographing kids, and about life with kids, or really just life in general. 

I'm here to share stories. So, pull up a chair and enjoy!

nyc baby, child and family photographer alethea cheng fitzpatrick is based in brooklyn and specializes in contemporary, natural light portraiture. view her portfolio of babies, children or families or send her an e-mail here!

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