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Must Have Mondays - Things I Love: the beach

I'm not so much an in-the-water person, but I LOVE being by the water - ocean, sea, lake, river, pool, it doesn't really matter, but I do love the beach best of all. I don't know what it is about stretches of sand and water, preferably with palm trees, but I find it so relaxing and re-energizing.

Keith and I got married by the beach... in New York in March! We would have got married ON the beach, but it was deemed too windy. However, we were still able to take photos on the beach after the ceremony, and did I mention, New York in MARCH? It could have been snowing! I actually had all kinds of capes and gloves and wraps at the ready in case it was too cold but I didn't need any of them - it was just me and my strapless dress. I think I might even have gone barefoot. The days leading up to and following the wedding were not as nice so we were definitely very lucky.

Our honeymoon was also all about the beach. We went to the Dominican Republic and spent two blissful weeks at three different beach resorts - a small, eco-friendly resort with naturally ventilated huts (Natura Cabanas), a big all-inclusive resort (Paradisus Palma Real - although we actually originally booked elsewhere only to find they had double booked us so they transferred us here) and a beautiful small boutique resort (Sivory). There - now you can steal our honeymoon! It was amazing, and I highly recommend each of those resorts, each one being very different. Excuse me now while I get all wistful about our honeymoon...

We've been on other great beach vacations, both before and since. With such busy lives in New York, we tend to go for "sit and relax and do nothing" type of vacations. In fact, we're just back from one such beach vacation in Florida, and while vacationing with a two year old is certainly not as relaxing as vacationing without one, it was definitely more relaxing than any other vacation we've had since Liam was born, our last trip being a year ago. Liam was great on both flights, and absolutely LOVED spending the entire time either at the beach or the pool (we usually went to the beach in the morning, then home for his nap, and then to the pool in the afternoon/early evening). In fact, he pretty much spent the entire vacation either in pjs or his swimsuit!

Of course, we look for different things in a vacation now with a child, but we still love the beach, which is in many ways more fun with Liam, especially as the beach in Florida was so calm and the water warm and only about 2 feet deep for quite a stretch - shallower than the pool! Liam quickly got comfortable walking around in the water, jumping in the "baby waves" or lounging in his floaty, and was quite happy playing in the sand by himself for short stretches while Keith and I both relaxed in beach chairs at the same time! Liam always likes to be with Keith when he's around so it was less relaxing for Keith than for me but we all had a great time and have returned to New York re-energized.

I love you beach! And I'm already dreaming about our next beach vacation...

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