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Expectation and anticipation: Central Park maternity & family photo session

Pregnancy. It's an incredible time of expectation and anticipation, and a beautiful time to capture through photography.

I remember when I first called Iris to tell her I was pregnant. She left me a return message saying she was too! Zach was born just a week or two after Liam and now she and Jonathan are expecting a baby girl.

We met in Central Park last weekend and enjoyed a beautiful late afternoon amongst the trees near Sheep's Meadow. Iris is looking gorgeous and carrying really well. Zach was very patient while waiting for his turn in front of the camera!

Iris and Jonathan looked great together - this is one of my favorite photos of the two of them laughing together with Zach off camera.

And Zach of course was a total star.

Iris is an acupuncturist. Her company, Acupuncture Remedies, is located in midtown Manhattan. I'll be interviewing her for the blog next month but if you are considering acupuncture at all for any reason, I highly encourage you to give Iris a call. I'm no more fond of needles than the next person, but my treatments with her are the closest I've come to being able to switch off my brain and reach some sort of meditative state, and Iris will make you feel really comfortable about the whole process.

Iris, you have a beautiful family and I can't wait to meet your new addition! View the entire slideshow here.

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