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Wall gallery sneak peek

Ok so I declared on facebook that I was going to wait until my final artwork delivery today before sharing photos of my corner ledge gallery and wall gallery but... I just couldn't wait! Not even one more day!

So here it is, a sneak peek at what I've been planning for months (planning = thinking about but not actually getting around to doing)... a giant wall o' Liam for our front room, and a corner display of portfolio work and products for above my desk in my home studio.

I need to live what I preach, right?

The corner ledge gallery is missing a lot of artwork (and that's why you see a lot of place holders in the wrong orientation) and I need to change out one duplicate photo in the wall gallery, but already I am so so excited and happy. Business aside, this is a major upgrade to my home and work environment, one that is already filling me with joy and glee.

Last night, when I'd finished installing everything, I sat on the sofa and just soaked it all in, especially the wall gallery. Yes, I was proud of my work as a photographer, but my main reaction was as that of a mom - a really happy and proud mom. Look at our baby. Look at our son. Look at how joyful and happy and confident and contemplative and sweet he is. Look at our son.

I could gaze at these photos for hours. They make me smile. They make me feel good. They are validation.

My husband is not big on photos - ironic but true! But I could tell he liked them. (Yes he was briefly shown a mock-up and asked his opinion on the large photo but I knew that a) he was dubious and b) he wouldn't be once he saw it in real life.)

Liam smiled when he saw the first few photos up, which was the best feeling ever for me. He was kind of stunned into silent awe when he saw the whole thing briefly this morning.

And our lovely friendly Con Ed guy who somehow always remembers how old Liam is stopped right away and spent several minutes looking at everything today, and then talked to me a bit about his own interests in website and graphic design as well as photography.

I'm telling you - photos create conversations and connections. They mean something. Art means something.

I feel like for the first time in my life I've found something unique and special to offer. Providing the full extent of what I do for myself, not just the photos but the whole experience, culminating in a wall gallery, feels really really good.

Check out the wall gallery experience and let me do this for you too!

Or, sign up for the portrait party this weekend to get a taste - sign-ups close tonight!

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