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Changing lives through photosanity - an online workshop for parents

When I set out to create an online workshop for parents, I really had no idea what to expect. I have been blown away by how much people have got out of it - the incredible improvements in people's photos that took place over the course of a few weeks, and the amazing stories of people making the leap out of auto for the first time since purchasing their camera many years ago, or finally consolidating all their photos onto one computer and getting them organized and backed up.

People are telling me that I changed their lives! Not only that, but the workshop has changed my life too.

My newly defined mission is to help families create amazing photo documentation of their lives, through their own photos, the photos I take of them, or both.

Professional photography is just one piece of the larger puzzle of photosanity.

Many participants started a photo-a-day project through Shuttercal, one of the workshop sponsors. While perhaps dubious originally about the feasibility and benefit of the project, many reported that in taking a photo a day, they have come to appreciate all the moments they do have with their kids, every day.

Let me share a couple of comments posted on the facebook group within the first few weeks of the workshop:

"I just want to say thank you. I thought a photo a day was a little much and a lot of pressure to come up with a "moment" everyday worth documenting and instead I started to realize how MANY moments there were each day with my boys that I was passing by - that I did not even realize were photographic moments and so even if I get nothing else out of this seminar I have gotten all I wanted by week 2... the appreciation for the everyday moments of my boys - the moments that make them who they are and moments that we share EVERYDAY and being able to document them! Thank you Alethea!" - Rachel Dreher

"I agree. Thank you! As a working mom I started feeling down that I was missing so many special moments with my daughter during the daytime. Then as I started the photo a day project I realized that I have many moments when I get home in evenings and the mornings before leaving to work that I need to just enjoy those times! What better way to capture it then with a photo a day! Thanks Alethea!" - Avanee Patel

Wow, right? They totally got it! I can't tell you how happy I was to see these responses, because in the end, although the photo-a-day project was a small part of the workshop, it got to the heart of what photosanity is to me which is...

Love - photography as an act and a labor of love. Photography in service of enhancing our experience as parents, and building the confidence of our children and the connectedness of our families.

I think the participant photos speak for themselves.

At a gathering of about 20 of the most active and passionate participants - my newly assembled "VIP team" - a couple of weeks ago in the city, I listened to each one talk about the difference the workshop has made in their lives. The community that has developed as a result of the workshop through the facebook group has really led me to believe that I - we - have created something special here.


Check out the new photosanity website and register now for a FREE webinar this Sunday night on the top 5 tips on taking better photos of your kids... and organizing and sharing your photos too!

These tips alone will make an instant difference in your photography... and give you a taste for what is possible.

Registering for the free webinar will automatically give you access to a secret pre-sale that runs until Monday for both the summer and fall sessions of the workshop.

A recording will be made available to those who register but can't attend live, but at the end of the webinar I will be giving away a $75 nestingNYC gift certificate to one lucky participant who attends live!

I hope you'll join me!

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