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This day

Liam is a post-September 11th baby. I'm not sure what that really means, but it's hard to believe that he will never fully experience the NYC skyline that held so much meaning for me the first ten years that I lived here.

I hope he never fully understands the horror of what it was to be a New Yorker, an American or really, a person that day.

I hope he never fully understands what it's like to have an anniversary roll around every year that you dread but that cannot be avoided.

I hope he never fully understands what it's like to not want to remember, only because you know you will never forget.

It surprises me that the events of ten years ago feel as vivid to me as if they were yesterday. I can only imagine how hard this time and this day must be for those who lost loved ones. I hope there is some comfort in the ceremonies, the tributes, the acknowledgements, the knowledge of how much this city and the people who gave or lost their lives are loved, and how heartbroken we are to this day.

I suppose one day we will talk about this day with Liam. I suppose one day he will learn about it at school.

But for now, for today, I will try to take comfort in his innocence, his joy, his blissful ignorance of the horrors of this day and of this world.

And I will be grateful for what I have that so many lost that day - family, friends, love, life. My husband. My baby boy.

Making the most of the life that we have seems like the least we can do in light of those who lost theirs.

I hope you find a moment of quiet peace today amidst the grief and recollection.

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