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The coolest ride-on toy you'll ever see

For reasons completely beyond me, I'm a sucker for cool vehicular toys. I'm not sure why, as I've never really been particularly into real size cars but look at how amazingly cool this Metal Speedcar Racer is... and it's a toddler ride-on! I found this via Cool Mom Picks, one of my favorite websites for all things, well, cool and mom related.

We already have a TON of ride-on toys, as in, at least three, so I'm not sure I can justify the purchase of another without getting death glares from my husband, but this is also, in my opinion, extremely reasonably priced at $60 as it's currently available from Design Within Reach at half price.

Who wants one?!

nyc baby, child and family photographer & architect alethea cheng fitzpatrick is based in brooklyn. she specializes in baby photography as interior design & interior design for babies. view her portfolio of babies, children or families or send her an e-mail here!


For mothers everywhere

Last year we were in Baltimore for my first Mother's Day... it was for my husband's work, but it ended up being a nice little getaway for us, and our first trip away with Liam.

My first Mother's Day, with a three month old in tow, felt big and meaningful and hard won, not just for having made it three months with a baby, but for having made it to motherhood at all. This year, well, it sounds trite, but almost every day feels like Mother's Day to me right now. And yes, I am aware, as more experienced mothers have confirmed, that we are in a "sweet spot" right now - aside from a few meltdowns here and there, 15 months old is a delightful age. Liam has turned into a really fun little person. He toddles around in the most adorable fashion, exploring and exclaiming and chattering away over everything. His smiles light up a room, he is willing to give kisses at least 75% of the time when asked, and sometimes spontaneously, occasionally even whilst crying(!) and his tears, accompanied by vigorous headshaking, are heartbreaking but generally short lived. Every day I wake up and get to spend time with him, and see the world from his awe-filled perspective. I feel incredibly lucky.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers past, present and future, and to all those who mother in any way. To those who are celebrating their first Mother's day with babe in arms, congratulations!

Special thoughts to those who are struggling or have struggled to have a child, and to those who have lost a child, or a mother. I am thinking of you too.

nyc baby, child and family photographer alethea cheng fitzpatrick is based in brooklyn and specializes in contemporary, natural light portraiture. view her portfolio of babieschildren or families or send her an e-mail here!